How to Get Your ITIL Certification Online

For starters, what is ITIL?

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a set of best practices for IT Service Management observed from different organizations internationally. It serves as guidance for IT professionals or sectors alike to deliver high quality services.

Satisfied users, good for business.

But before any company or individual could say they follow international standards, ITIL still requires certification for authentication.

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What you need to know first

Here are a few things you should know before getting that certificate.

There are currently five certification levels for ITIL v3:

  • ITIL Foundation Certification

This certification tests applicants on how well they understand ITIL terminologies and how it could be applied to the whole scheme.

ITIL Foundation Certification is a close book examination and can be taken personally at designated test centers or online. Moreover, since there are no perquisites in taking this test, anyone can apply as long as the individual is interested in learning more about ITIL.

Even though ITIL Foundation Certification is enough for most, it is recommended to individuals aiming for higher positions to get an intermediate level or an expert level certification.

  • ITIL Intermediate Level Certification

Before taking this certification, applicants are required to take the ITIL Foundation Certification or complete training in ITIL.

In the Intermediate Level Certification, there are two modules that applicants can venture into. These two modules are namely: (1) Lifecycle Stream (2) Capability Stream.  Passing either one results to an ITIL Intermediate Level Certification.

Just like in the ITIL Foundation Certification Test, ITIL Intermediate Certification can be taken online or personally a designated test centers.

  • ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Certification

If an individual wishes to reach or get an ITIL Expert Level Certificate, they need to take ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle module after completing ITIL Intermediate Level Modules and ITIL Foundation Level.

This is basically a transition into getting that expertise you’ve always wanted to earn.

  • ITIL Expert Level Certification

After completing all modules from ITIL Foundation to passing ITIL Intermediate Level Certification to achieving all the modules from ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Certification, then and only then would an individual be rewarded the ITIL Expert Certificate.

It might be a tedious journey but this is to ensure that professionals are bagged with the skills and knowledge needed for ITIL to be fully incorporated into management.

  • ITIL Master Qualification Certification

There are no specific details announced yet but any individual who has completed the ITIL Expert Level Certification is encouraged to take part on the ITIL Master Qualification Certification Test.

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What to Expect

Now that everything is clear, what should you prepare for the test? What should you expect?

In the ITIL Foundation Certification, since there are no prerequisites, individuals who have no particular knowledge about ITIL can enroll in courses or do self-learning.

Either way, every individual who is aiming to take the test should be prepared for a 40 multiple-choice questionnaire and one that must be answered within an hour. This exam requires 65 percent passing rate.

For individuals who are taking the test not in their native or preferred language, they are given an hour and 15 minutes to complete the test and are able to use the aid of a dictionary if necessary.

What and Where to Study

There are a lot of training and courses that promises to help you with the exam.

However, in order to be sure which ones are approved and accredited by AXELOS, the project joined by both the Government and Capita and the one that oversees qualifications in best practices, you can always visit their official website for more information:

AXELOS Global Best Practices

But as of the meantime, there are free services online that might be a good substitute to expensive courses. However, some of which might require signing in.

  • Free ITIL Training 
  • MyITStudy

The site offers paid services but there is a free demo that consists of selected videos and study materials that are of almost same quantity and quality with that of the site’s other services. However, the catch is that the free demo would only last for 2 days. 

  • ITSM Solutions

ITSM Solutions listed a couple of free resources ranging from videos found on YouTube to papers that might aid individuals in their self study experience.

There are still quite a few found in the Internet. One must have the determination and a keen eye for details.

itil certification exam

Practice Makes Perfect

Studying isn’t simply enough for the big day. One must be really prepared for the time pressure during that time. So it is best practice to possibly download sample exams to better prepare yourself.

Below is a list of free resources to where you can get free sample exams. To which you can practice on for the meantime.

  • ITIL Tests 

Sample exams can be downloaded in doc format for you to be able to print out from. The site has at least seven variations of exam to choose from. The sample answers can be downloaded in a different file.

  • Go Certify 

Sample Exams found here are good for ITIL Foundation Certification. There are three variations of the exam to choose from.

  • Accelerated Ideas

This is an online and interactive exam that can help you in your on going learning.


There are a lot of options as to what kind of exam you’d wish to take. The questions are online and interactive.

  • IT Service Today

This is a free sample exam that can be downloaded in pdf format for your convenience if you’d like it printed out.

Take note that ITIL exams consist of 40 items multiple-choice questions. ITIL doesn’t detract your wrong answers from your right ones so do not leave unanswered questions. Answer the questions to which you think is the most suitable answer.

Where to take the test

The good thing about ITIL examinations is that it can be taken online.

If you’re learning in an accredited organization by AXELOS then there’s a good chance that by the end of your course there will be an exam that would follow. By passing this exam would reward you with an ITIL Certification Online.

However, if your learning by yourself, you could try consulting to your nearest training provider. This can be filtered through the AXELOS website.